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“I got a texture release – here is how to take care of it during summer”

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If you’re thinking about getting a texture release this summer, we’ve got the lowdown on the difference between that and a silk press and how to protect and maintain yours during summer.


During the summer, there is usually one tried and tested hairstyle that passes the humidity check – and that my friend, is braids.From box braids to Senegalese braids, passion twists and faux locs, you name it, I’ve tried it.They’re the perfect style to go to during these summer months when my natural hair is prone to puffing up in all its glory due to the heat and humidity – which is great when it’s by choice but not so much when you’re trying to rock a slick bun or ponytail. This summer, however, I’ve decided to branch out and try something new.Last month, I got a texture release – the buzzy hair trend seen all over Instagram and TikTok that has divided opinion on the internet.

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The Avlon Texture Release is a hair straightening system that is heat activated with amino acids and conditioning agents which go into the hair fibres to help with styling versatility.While some have argued it’s a great way to maintain straightened hair during the summer, some argue that it veers too closely to relaxing your hair and can be damaging.With all the noise over social media, I decided to give it a whirl as I wanted to have a braid-free summer and also to find out the truth behind this hair straightening style, how it differs from a silk press and whether it can truly be maintained over summer.“There are a few key differences between silk presses and texture releases,” says Ayanda Soares, founder of House of Hair UK. “All hair is suitable for both treatments however if you have hair or scalp conditions like psoriasis, alopecia or active breakage you would be advised to have more treatments to restore hair health before having a texture release”

The difference between a silk press and a texture release


“A silk press is a deep conditioning treatment that helps to soften your natural hair texture through heat and moisture allowing you to blow-dry and straighten for a more smooth and healthier look. This is temporary and the time it reverts really varies based on your hair, your environment, and aftercare for most 1-3 weeks is the lasting time.

“A texture release is a two-step process that opens your hair,” she continues. “The first step allows for your own hair to absorb and the step is a natural but more intensive amino acid that penetrates your deeper hair levels and smooths them out.”Soares adds that this isn’t a permanent solution and should last 2-4 months.“However, your hair will revert back after each wash and in very humid environments, having this treatment allows your hair straightening to last longer than it normally would and helps to soften/define curl pattern,” she says.


Leah texture release

Senior digital writer Leah Sinclair with a House of Hair UK texture release and beaded wefts


House of Hair UK has become synonymous with its texture releases and beaded weft styles that add volume to women’s hair by stitching wefted hair extensions using ear-to-ear beads, with clients including influencer Patricia Bright. But while the style has seen a surge in popularity over the last couple of years, many have warned against the potential damage it can cause to curly and coily hair – which is why Soares feels it’s important to be clear about the safety of texture releases when done correctly. “I’m a strong advocate of heat protectors as I have seen many people with heat damage over the years,” she says. “I find that for many of our customers having a silk press or texture release drastically reduces the amount of ‘at home’ straightening they need to do to reduce heat damage. At the time of having the treatment and whenever adding heat to your hair heat protectors are crucial.”

The heat damage Soares has seen over the years means she can easily detect when someone is or is not eligible for a texture release.“All hair is suitable for both treatments however if you have hair or scalp conditions like psoriasis, alopecia or active breakage you would be advised to have more treatments to restore hair health before having a texture release,” she says.Once you’ve understood the difference between a silk press and texture release, its safety and whether it’s suitable for you, knowing how to manage it during the summer is key – and Soares has a few key steps to maintaining either style during these hotter months.“Firstly, wrapping your hair at night time is crucial,” she says. “Next reduce the number of heavy products or avoid them altogether if possible. Opt for light oils for hair and scalp.”

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The business owner also says to wash and blow-dry every two weeks rather than weekly as this will make your hair revert back faster.“Also having regular trims to ensure your hair is healthy is always important.”For my first-ever texture release, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with the results.With any hair straightening, I’m often fearful of humid weather, heat or water that could potentially ruin the look I’m trying to achieve and with a texture release, I’ve not had to worry about that.It means I can move around more freely and not be concerned at the slightest bit of frizz (which there’s always going to be a little after a few weeks). But it still looks good, feels good, and I have the option to wash and go as I normally would without my hair reverting back to its natural texture.I’ve finally found another hair option to add to my neverending list and it’s a style I’m happy to add to my roster.I do not need to fear the humidity any longer – and neither should you.To find out more visit House of Hair UK’s website.