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International Women’s Day: In Conversation With Scarlette Douglas

Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s all continue to uplift, encourage, and support the women around us. In celebration of International Women’s Day, we spoke to CH4 Presenter Scarlette Douglas to learn more about her.

See our conversation below:

International Women's Day: In Conversation With Scarlette Douglas


What’s your profession?

I am a TV Presenter and Voice Over Artist. I am mainly known for property presenting which is great as I have an expertise in the field, so being able to combine two things I love is perfect!

What do you love about your curly hair?

I love how versatile it is. I very rarely wear the same hairstyle twice, unless I need to for continuity at work, and each look gives a different twist to my personality!

What do you think about the role Black women play in the beauty industry?

It’s super important that we are seen and we are representing our culture and our natural beauty. It’s taken a while for us to be able to stand in our power so it’s imperative we own that and embrace being role models. For me, I make sure I wear my hair in different, natural styles, so young girls feel confident enough to do the same. I have a platform and a profile, so I intend to use that to empower others.

What’s your favourite product from the Sofnfree Naturals range?

The Manuka Honey and Avocado leave in conditioner is one of my favourites. It was hard to pick but I love the smell, the lightness, the way my hair feels afterwards. It’s great as you can add it to wet or dry hair so good to add moisture in between washes!

What would you say to other girls/women who are thinking about going natural but are afraid to do it?

I’ve only ever been natural. I’ve never permed my hair or relaxed it in all my years and yes it’s been hard but once you know how to manage it, it’s actually pretty simple. Good products are imperative, patience and a routine. It’s so much healthier for your hair to be natural too and it’s beautiful to behold! My tip would be to watch tutorials and follow natural hair blogs to guide you through your transition.

Who is someone that inspires you/you look up to?

I get asked this question a lot and my answer is always the same. My Mum. She is incredible, the most natural woman I know and the most inspirational. No one tops her for me!

How best would you want natural hair to be represented in the media?

Just for it to be embraced more. We are definitely going through a shift as black women are feeling more empowered to own their natural hair and for me that’s important, that’s inspirational. We love to see it because little black girls are now feeling that their hair is just as beautiful as the hair of other little girls. They shouldn’t shy away from their thick curls and Afro puffs but instead celebrate them!

What’s your go-to protective style?

Braids, braids and more braids! The beauty of them is that you can still mix up the styles! Crochet, cainrows, faux locs, bantu knots the list goes on. They’re all beautiful and the fact that they protect your hair at the same time is a win win!